Stonewood Wine joins the Jean-Charles Boisset Family

Stonewood Wine Merchants (StonewoodWine) is pleased to share the news that we have  become the newest Ambassador to the JCB Collection of wineries.
A bit of background on the JCB Collection which represents a family of both New and Old World wine establishments:
Created by Jean-Charles Boisset, the innovative JCB Collection brings together two worlds of winemaking—Old and New. With the collection, Jean-Charles celebrates his French heritage while embracing his passion for California. Each wine in the collection is a limited edition, and is “named” with a number. These numbers signify a wine style that Jean-Charles strives to achieve vintage to vintage, while also symbolizing important ideas, passions and moments in his life and wine career.
The JCB Collection include the following wineries:
Visit us at our wine shop at JCB Collection:
More to follow in the coming days. Thank you to all of our friends in Michigan, California and abroad for your support.

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