Welcome to StonewoodWine home of Stonewood Wine Merchants, a wine influence and private concierge service.  We focus on tier-1 and tier-2 wine AVAs in the United States primarily in California, Oregon and Washington state.

We are also proud Willamette Valley Vineyards and Boisset Wine Living Ambassadors.  Online friends can place orders directly at our online store for the following wineries:

Our private concierge service includes access to additional labels where we maintain active relationships.  All private concierge offerings are based on availability and direct-to-customer shipping laws based on the location of the winery and the location of the end customer. At this time we offer relationships with the following additional winery labels through our private concierge service (if you don’t see your favorite email us):




Industry wine reviews are provided by William Newman, management consultant and wine enthusiast who has visited and lived in some of the great wine regions of the United States for over 30 years. Teresa Newman is his wine companion and confident. They make their home in Southeast Michigan and occasionally globe trot to wine regions when fancy takes them.

With Maja at Grgich Hills, 2016

Follow our twitter and Instragram accounts and like us on Facebook at @StonewoodWine.  Details for subscription to our wine reviews and premium blogs will be forthcoming.

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