Welcome to StonewoodWine home of Stonewood Wine Merchants, a wine influence and private concierge service.  Our focus on wine AVAs in the Pacific United States – California, Oregon and Washington state – allows us to bring those experiences to you. As we explore some of the world’s great wine regions, we will share those stories as well.

Bill Newman WSET2, American & Oregon Wine Expert

Grgich Hills (2017)

Industry wine reviews and trade promotions are provided by Bill Newman – author, management consultant, Oregon Wine Expert, American Wine Expert, and a candidate for the WSET Level 3 in wine. A wine car and tech guy, Bill enjoys the life of a wine enthusiast, visiting and living in some of the great wine regions of the United States and traveling the world in search of the perfect bottle for over 40 years. As lead Concierge for 100+ families in Michigan and California, Bill also works with small production winemakers to set up their business operations, and is a founding Tastemaker of the online wine platform Vinebase.

Teresa Newman

Medoc, France (2019)

Teresa Newman is a wine adventurer and brand ambassador. With 30+ years in the environmental use of water, waste water management, and sustainability she has consulted to some of America’s largest water districts and municipalities on the best practices of natural resources.

A Private Concierge Service

We are proud Willamette Valley Vineyards and Boisset Collection Ambassadors. We also support Corksy.io, a platform advocating small production winemakers many woman- and veteran-owned businesses.

Our private concierge service includes access to additional labels where we maintain active relationships.  All private concierge offerings are based on availability and direct-to-customer shipping laws based on the location of the winery and the location of the end customer. We work with our concierge families to provide the best tasting experience for wine and wine living accessories based on our many years of personal and trade relationships in the industry.

Join our Wine Adventure

Bill and Teresa make their home in Southeast Michigan and Southern California’s Temecula Wine Country, occasionally globe trotting to wine regions when fancy takes them. In 2018 they purchased a small orange farm called Stonewood Farms where they have experimented quite successfully blending orangecello and cointreau.

With Maja at Grgich Hills, 2016

Follow our twitter and Instragram accounts and like us on Facebook at @StonewoodWine.  Bill’s concierge notes and reviews may be found on various platforms @billwine5 (IG, Twitter, Medium, TikTok, Linktree).

Remember to have a nice day.


2 Replies to “About”

  1. Howdy ya’all from Dallas Texas. Hope you all having a mighty fine day. OMG., Oh dude, I am such a phony, I am a native Californian, raised in the OC.
    For now, I’m only California Dream’n.
    Last week I walked to Urban Crust,. 15th St. Plano, Texas. Little pizza place has become one of my favorites. Last week I tried a Stone with Pinot Noir, I took in a sniff, ooh that smells yummy. Took a sip and fell in love.
    I Googled Stonewood, to find it is a distributor. May I have more information about this particular Pino Noir. I didn’t check the year.
    Looking forward to another taste.


    1. Hello Pat – we are a small online DTW wine merchant and private concierge. We are not the winery Stonewood Wine. Sorry we hear their wines are a bit sub-standard as well. We hope it improves. Also visit our property Stonewood Farms @stonewoodfarmz. Cheers!


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